About us

The British Idealism and New Liberalism research community exists to support and encourage the study of the work of the British Idealists and the New Liberals. We include researchers from Australia, Canada, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Poland, South Africa, Taiwan, the United Kingdom, and the USA, and are always glad to welcome new researchers or to provide informal guidance and support.

We have close links with the Centre for Idealism and New Liberalism at the University of Hull, and with the British Idealism and Collingwood Centre at Cardiff University. The latter is the home of the journal Collingwood and British Idealism Studies, incorporating Bradley Studieswhich is the principal publication that supports the activities of the research community.

Many of us are also members of the Political Studies Association’s British Idealism specialist group, which organizes panels at every PSA annual international conference, and stages seminars and conferences throughout the year.

This site is maintained by Colin Tyler and Christopher Fear.